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Korea talented striker fifa 15 coins trader

FIFA published fifa 15 coins trader only every other day with 2 contrasting reports of punishment, waiting for such penalties result in Korea talented striker Cui Chengguo was hell, two days before the extreme results. First penalty report saying that he would be betting was suspended for 5 years, and after one day FIFA solemnly corrected, unrepentant Cui Chengguo impose a lifetime ban penalty. Once was Korea football expert think ten years rare a see of genius type striker Cui Chengguo basically was sentencing and football unless, he also for defy pay heavy cost FIFA early in this month 20th in official website Shang announced has on including 10 name Korea players and 3 name Croatia nationality players plus 1 name coach of punishment results, which for 10 name Han nationality players of processing also is divided into 3 a level, which had in zhiqian implementation robbery extortion money of Qian international Kim Dong-hyun and Li Sanhong, players was sentenced to "capital punishment", They will forever shall not into football however has been was Korea FA finds for died not repentance of Qian international Cui Chengguo is accident was leniency sentenced ban 5 years punishment, Korea media in learned that this a news zhihou have to Cui Chengguo 5 years Hou can continues to unfettered abroad all League for name be reported, Korea FA in see punishment results Hou immediately to FIFA issued electronic sought letter, hopes confirmed related Cui Chengguo of punishment whether exists errors. their own copies of the ballots

According to the voting process, fifa 15 coins trader should Goran Pandev in the Macedonian Football Association to their own copies of the ballots to vote on, then check in formal votes by the Football Association and finally signed by the President of the Football Association, national team coach and Goran Pandev in the form faxed to FIFA after. Therefore, FIFA is certainly no reason to blame for Pandev does not match the signature, it needs to be explained is the Macedonian Football Association. Event's trend cause for concern, whether FIFA allow third parties involved in the investigation also will serve as the focus of attention. Mrs works with the Club in Qingdao and transfer the registration of the contract dispute is undoubtedly the focus of Chinese football. It is worth mentioning that, Qingdao in the Chinese Football Association Arbitration Committee recently submitted the reply evidence is missing key evidence, the arbitration award will be difficult to complete in a short time. On this industry persons think: from protection players angle starting, China FA Arbitration Committee currently should for Mrs handle temporary transfer proved, allows its representative new Club participate in official game, until arbitration results released according to understanding, Qingdao in the can Club January 23 to China FA Arbitration Committee submitted of reply material are is copies, especially a copies January 1, 2017 due of work contract copies, this copies contract of authenticity undoubtedly is Mrs and in the can Club disputes of focus where.