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FIFA Coins city's prostitutes

During the World Cup, the flesh business is more in common between clients FIFA Coins and prostitutes. The World Cup is coming, and Brazil's "red zone" blew up. It is well known that Brazil is football Kingdom, but apart from football, Brazil's prostitutes also attracted worldwide attention. Just like tobacco and alcohol cannot be separated, soccer and women has never cut ties. All along, the porn industry in Brazil is a difficult profession, neither legal nor completely illegal, such as some of the city's prostitutes need to be registered to government departments, there are tens of thousands of prostitutes to work in Rio de Janeiro, and they are not like other parts of "practitioner" as they must be veiled, they used to wear to the street and showmanship. Rio Government wash stigma over the past hundred years there have been 7 times to clear red-light district, but each time was "born again with the spring breeze" as the famous "erotic capital", with large open-air red-light districts of Rio de Janeiro, on the first floor with local majority were transformed into bars or nightclubs, prostitutes in this meeting with clients. Second floor is low and windowless cubicles, are where escorts provide services to customers. Is due to free trade, the local has a huge sex industry workers, and even has a complete industrial chain authorities candidly admitted that "porn is really hard to control." Management ease the porn industry, Brazil Government action spot, and had produced "prostitutes work manual" teaches call girls how to succeed at work, such as pensioners and teach foreign languages, even including security lessons in life and how to manage personal finances.