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Happy coding Argentina was also Rooney's England

Dragon Nest Gold Germany team continues World Cup momentum, rising, continues to play the role of giant killer. In the face of world football stars of the time, the Germans always in a humiliating manner to achieve a landslide victory. Runs through the recent World Cup, whether Lionel Messi of Argentina was also Rooney's England, plus today with Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, now face Germany without exception ended in fiasco when chariot last South Africa World Cup, Lionel Messi led Argentina 0-4 defeat at Germany's feet. Wayne Rooney England is led by 1:4 swept out by the Germans. Plus today's Portugal 0:4,C Luo of today's bitterness and frustration, two other stars also have empathy. mmoinbox When it comes to non-frontal shape, its representative teams are Spain, but your Matador legions of reigning Crown opener then hit 1:Scores also created their own shameful record of 5. And of different of is, Germans of wireless formation more structured, defence solid solid, frontcourt ATK mighty, Germans of fighting wills and fighting literacy to best show past of several Europe war season, Barcelona of fighting of declined, new universe team Bayern was real Madrid finished defeated of Champions League out, no front array seems to has go to has politicos, but Loew of team with perfect of first show and powerful of data to out has answers: no front formation still sharp Deutsche version no front formation why sharp? Most importantly benefited from this team is stronger attacking midfielder, Germany team with a strong midfield made up of a group of young talented players. Although Royce in last one warm-up slander parting, but Germany team of midfielder still is talent, midfielder has with Gertze, and Ernie ozil, and Podolski, and Xu Erlei and Drachsler such of world level star, these players in respective of Club team are has with absolute main of location Germany team victory tribute baichang this bondage victory, this is Germany team of this World Cup debut is Germany team of 100th field World Cup game, Germans is first a achieved has World Cup baichang game of team!