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FA will treat Collina followed serie

Alma59xsh posted @ Tue, 20 Jan 2015 21:09:15 -1100 in buy fifa 15 coins with tags fifa coins easports topgamesclub , 223 readers
Sun baojie 45 years old has fifa coins reached the FIFA-mandated retirement age. Earlier news that the FA will treat Collina followed serie, let Sun baojie blowing more in a domestic league competition again for several years. However, according to the reporter, now has no such possibility, Sun baojie wouldn't be second Pierluigi Collina. Well, I think it is worth a try, the semi-final ended. Say goodbye to Germany, we usher in the final of the Netherlands and Spain, I'm neutral, I just want two talented teams will give us a high standard of competition. This is all about. Salt Lake City bribery case exposure Yu 2000, bid Committee of two bit senior officials was controlled made has including bribery fraud, and plotting, zainei of 15 items heavy sin, 59 age of tangmuweierqi is when Salt Lake City bid of head, 44 age of Dave Johnson is he of Assistant, two people was allegations to cash, and gift, way gave international IOC members 1 million dollars, to this for Salt Lake City won has 2002 Winter Olympics of hosted right 2003 local time December 5, due to court think "evidence insufficient", Finally came to the Salt Lake City vote-buying case. However, the "bribe" people were punished, expelled from the International Olympic Committee of 7 members, 3 people resign; then carried out a series of reforms in the bidding procedures. Although the Salt Lake City Winter Games brought $ 100 million to the local income and better social benefits, but the vote-buying scandal still lingering in people's minds is a disgrace to the International Olympic Committee in Salt Lake City, worse than IOC transparency FIFA also opened the door to vote-buying.
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